What We Do For You?

During the cost reduction process we sort out everything for you. You don’t even need to lift a hand. You only need to choose between the different saving options, and study the reports on the increased profit.

Our concept is simple: the easiest way to increase profit is filling the gaps where the profit is leaking out of the company. We do exactly this for you; systematically, consequently and professionally, having such a comprehensive knowledge of the products, services and suppliers that very few people have.

Many people think that the cost reduction process simply equals to tendering or price negotiation. In reality the price negotiation is only the 3rd step in the cost reduction process. Three other steps must definitely precede the tendering:

  1. Eliminating unnecessary costs
    It may sound strange for you. Who would be so crazy to pay a penny for something unnecessary? You would be surprised how many times we find products and services that our client does not use at all.
  2. Modernisation
    The products and services that our customers use are often old fashioned. There are other solutions available on the market that give you at least the same quality, but at lower cost.
  3. Analysis
    The purchased products and services must be carefully analysed. We have to identify what you exactly use, what you exactly need. We use the Pareto analysis. It’s a very labour intensive procedure, but it’s the only way to have a clear picture. Without the result of the analysis it is very easy to get trapped for example in the intentionally chaotic communication tariffs, and the result will be too high monthly invoice.

We experience many times that we can save more money with the first two steps than with the tendering. And the third step is really necessary for being able to prepare the best recommendations that will give you the highest savings.

What we do is no wonder. Everyone can do it who has the right knowledge, and has enough time. The knowledge can be obtained. But that also requires time. We’ve been learning it since 2005.

"Time is money!"

And your time is the most expensive. Here we can help you. You and your colleagues use your time the best if you focus on your core business, and leave the overhead costs on us. In some cost categories we can save you as much as 45%, what immediately means you increasing profit. We can do this faster and more effective because this is our profession. We find you savings even at such costs where you believe that no more savings can be made.

Our service is riskless for you as we work for success fee. There’s no pre-payment, no minimum fee, and no hourly fee. We invoice you only if we find you saving, and you accept it.

So you have nothing to lose, but you can win a lot.

Points to note:
  • We are independent advisors. We sell no products and we represent no suppliers. We do not accept any commission from suppliers. We accept success fee from you only. That’s the guarantee that we work for your interests.
  • The current suppliers are always involved into the project, and they are always preferred except you give us a contrary instruction.
  • Naturally a confidentially clause is a part of the agreement, but I’d like to highlight that we are
    • no industrial spies,
    • and no tax inspectors.
  • What we give you are objective advices on potential cost saving opportunities, but the right of the decision always remains at you. Then we will perform you decisions.
  • We guarantee that the quality of the products and services will remain at the same level, or increased where possible.
  • We will not disturb the daily work of your staff, or when it’s really necessary, we keep the interference at minimum level.

The CostBusters Guarantee – We work for Success Fee!


Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

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