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(Only for companies above 50 employees)
Average Your company’s Potential saving opportunity
Cost category saving MONTHLY cost annually in 5 years
Landline phones % Ft Ft Ft
Mobile phones % Ft Ft Ft
Internet costs % Ft Ft Ft
Stationary % Ft Ft Ft
Cleaning and hygiene products % Ft Ft Ft
Toners % Ft Ft Ft
Printing costs % Ft Ft Ft
Operation of copy machines % Ft Ft Ft
Postal costs % Ft Ft Ft
Kommunal waste % Ft Ft Ft
Hazardous waste % Ft Ft Ft
Maintenance costs % Ft Ft Ft
Packaging costs % Ft Ft Ft
Transport costs % Ft Ft Ft
Domestic parcel costs % Ft Ft Ft
International parcel costs % Ft Ft Ft
Protective drinks, 19 l jumbo water % Ft Ft Ft
Garden watering % Ft Ft Ft
Chemicals % Ft Ft Ft
Lubricants % Ft Ft Ft
Auxiliary raw material % Ft Ft Ft
Electric energy % Ft Ft Ft
Fuels % Ft Ft Ft
Maximum theoretical saving Ft Ft
Expected saving by our practice
Probably 2/3 of the costs are at minimum level
(but we don’t know yet which 2/3).
Ft Ft

It is possible that your supplier regularly pull so much money out of your pocket? Maybe not, and all of your overhead costs are at minimum level. But what if it’s true? That would be scandalous! Eppure we find significant savings at 9 companies out of 10. You can make sure only if you test it.

But the time loss! How much is it in reality? Only half an hour. That's all you have to devote to us and the rest is our duty. You may lose nothing as we work for success fee.

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