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Why do we need the service of CostBusters? Our own staff and I do everything to keep the costs as low as possible.

That must be certainly true. Those who do not do so nowadays will soon find themselves in bankruptcy. I just want to clarify this opinion a little bit. You and your staff certainly do everything what you are able to do and what you have time for. But do you have time for everything?

The overhead costs may consist of 15 to 20 different kind of costs at your company. All of these require special market and product knowledge to keep them low. Furthermore you must know those tricks and traps what the suppliers apply to pump out more money from the customers. Even the most careful clients often walk into these traps.

The necessary market and product knowledge can naturally be obtained via lots of learning. We’ve been learning it since 2005, and we keep learning continouosly. However I’m afraid that neither you nor your staff has not enough time to get so in-depth knowledge about the overhead costs.

We make a living on our special knowledge that we have been collected through many years. That’s why we find savings even there where everyone else believes that there is no more saving opportunity.

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Does this mean that the cost reduction project normally end with changing the current suppliers?

Not necessarily. Moreover in most cases there’s no need for changing the supplier. They may offer high enough discount, or we manage to work out a special solution which means cost saving for both parties. This way the well known supplier can continue serving you.

Many aspects must be considered during the evaluation of the offers. The relationship with the current supplier has always priority, unless you give us contrary instruction. Also helps keeping the current suppliers that most of them are ready for the bargain so as to keep the business.

What in all circumstances we do make absolutely sure of is that, whatever the savings achieved - whether with the existing or an alternative supplier - the quality of the product and/or service remains the same, if not higher.

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The service of CostBusters can be applied only at profit oriented private companies?

No. We can find savings at any kind of organisation where more than 50 people are employed. However the interest on cost saving is clearly higher at the private companies. I wish we had more state-owned, local authorities owned or any other non-profit clients. We would be very happy to save them money. They would definitely know well how to spend the savings on useful purpuses.

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What if CostBusters can’t find any savings at all?

If we find no savings at all, it’s also good news for you. It means that you and your staff selected your suppliers very well, and you purchase everything at the best prices. In this case we invoice you naturally nothing.

We work for success fee. – This is our guarantee. If we do not succeed finding any saving, no success fee is charged. This is an entirely risk-free opportunity for you.

Egy teljesen kockázatmentes lehetőség Ön számára.

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I’m an employee. What will my boss or the owner say if you find a lot of savings? Haven’t I done my job well?

I do believe that your boss is a good businessman, and knows that you make him the highest profit if you focus on what you are the best in; your own profession.

Your boss will definitely also admit that you do everything keeping the costs as low as possible. The reason of that we still find savings is that costsaving is our profession. Therefore we can do it faster and more effective than others. This is natural, isn’t it?

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We run a tight ship, and have reduced our costs to an absolute minimum. We really do not think there is any possibility for further savings.

You will probably be surprised. We had many clients who felt like that, and he signed our contract only because he was courious, and he had nothing to lose. At the end of the project he was surprised and very satisfied with the savings we achieved for them.

Our results are never the criticism on the efficiency of our client. It’s rather the proof of the fact that we focus on other things; our client focus on their core business, while we focus on the overhead costs. Everyone is the best on the field where he focuses his energies.

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It would be very nice to save some costs and increase our profit. Unfortunately the daily work keeps us so busy that we have no time for this cost reduction project at the moment.

You don’t need to deal with us at all, as we work for you independently. You won’t be disturbed at all, only some people in your staff will be involved in the project at minimum level.

All we need is a desk where we can work maximum a day, an acces to the copy machine and to your overhead invoices. Sometimes we ask some questions from the accountants, or we ask them to print out some lists from the bookkeeping system. We try to disturb your colleagues at minimum level. This is not like an ISO audit where everyone is running up and down around the auditor. We work silently in the background.

All you need to do is deciding among the presented cost saving options. And from the next month you will see the increased profit in the P&L report.

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The CostBusters Guarantee – We work for Success Fee!


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Business Opportunity

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