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Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Sándor Tősér, I’m the founder of CostBusters International. We can give you professionals - for success fee - to be at your service, who are specialists in overhead cost reduction.

With our help you can save not only money, but also human resources: your staff can focus on your core business, where you make most of your profit.

Since 2005 we helped several clients from different areas of the economy. Our clients are mostly medium sized companies, and we have a few larger ones too. At most of our clients we achieved five-digit annual savings in EUR.

We analyse the overhead costs only. These costs are present at all type of companies irrespectively of their production sector: manufacturing, service or agriculture. The only difference is the composition of overheads. These costs are relatively small according to the direct costs such as raw material, wages and subcontractors. For that very reason they are often out of focus.

Or even if you really try focusing on them hard, the overhead cost may contain 15 to 20 different cost categories at your company. It’s almost impossible to learn all the different products and services, suppliers’ tricks, intentionally chaotic tariff systems for one who tries learning them besides his/her other daily tasks. Therefore we always find savings among the overhead costs as we are specialized on them.

If you employ more than 50 people, we could most probably save you some money too. The annual saving usually equals to the price of brand new car. What kind of car? A Ford Focus, or a Lexus? We never know it before we see your costs.

But you can easily get to know it. It's riskless: we work for success fee.

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Business Opportunity

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